About Us

The Wine Loft is a long established Winemaking & Brewing Specialist with over forty years experience. 

We currently serve customers with all their requirements around Merseyside, 
Lancashire & The Greater Manchester Area. 

We stock over 2000 items :-

Offering a wide range of Beer Kits, including the newest range of Festival and Bulldog Kits.
We sell over 15 varieties of Hops and Grains to make your tailor made brew. We can weigh up most recipe amounts required. Just give us a quick email or ring and, if we have the ingredients,we can have the brew ready within the day.

We supply a wide range of Wine Kits, including the ever popular Beaverdale and Selection range.
We also stock our own 7-10 day Wine Kits, no sugar required, in 10 different varieties at a great price.

We sell all the Turbo Yeast & Flavourings to make your own Spirits, including the Still Spirit Range and Alcotec Range. Call in for a taster.

We stock some Dried Fruit & Flowers with all the Additives needed for the Adventurous Winemaker.

We supply a wide range of Equipment including Cocktail Shakers, Optics & Vacuvins,  

Feel free to call in or contact us to ask for a price of anything you are interested in and we'll be happy to help.

We can arrange mail order. If we have it in stock we can arrange to have it delivered at a reasonable price.

We accept most Credit/Debit Cards.

Our History

The Wine Loft was established by John Allen over forty years ago.

He's the second generation of brewing experts.

It started above a second-hand furniture shop that had not been used since 1936. Then "The Wine Loft" was a large timber clad shop with plenty of character. We even had a sixteenth century Settle where we used to sit down and discuss brewing problems with customers.
It was full of charming antique character and oozed personality.

In the height of the Home Brew trade in the eighties we also ran a shop in Wigan and then one in Leigh, gaining customers trust that we had the knowledge and expertise to provide an excellent service.

In 1998, we moved "The Wine Loft" to a ground floor property in St Helens just two doors away from where it was started so long ago. It doesn’t have the same character but we still give the very best service. We kept the name due to customer demand and is now run by his daughter Kathryn Owen, whose been working there since the early 1970's.

Over that time we have helped a great many customers to make quality wines and beers to show off to their friends and families. 

We have seen substantial changes during that time and great improvements to the wine, beer and spirit kits that are now on offer these days to give you an end product that can easily be equal to the commercial equivalent for a fraction of the cost.

We always give you the attention and advice you need to make your home brew a success.
We want you to make it right the first time so you'll be back.
We have established ourselves with a great customer base and a lot of them have become great friends.

You are very welcome to come and meet us and see what you think yourself and maybe try a sample.